Nahsholim Seaside Resort

Nahsholim Seaside Resort is situated on the spectacular Dor Beach, at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, where white beaches cradle natural bays and lagoons of crystal clear water. A line of small islands stretching not far from the waterfront creates a natural, unique landscape which is a heaven for all bird watchers.

The Carmel mounts on the opposite side provide a breathtaking setting and interesting touring attractions. Pastoral view, beautiful beach and professional, courteous hosting - all these guarantee a peaceful and enjoyable vacation with a variety of activities for the entire family all year long. Nahsholim Seaside Resort - for an unforgettable nature vacation.

Boutique Rooms

Boutique Rooms - New
The new boutique rooms of the Nahsholim hotel with a magnificent ambiance and modern design, a Japanese garden, wooden deck, 40" LED tv and more.

wireless Internet Wireless Internet is available at extra charge