Rosemarin Hotel Restaurant

Ocean Treasures Pickled herring in oil. Sliced smoked mackerel. Pickled herring in vinegar and onion. Cheese Festival Hard and semi-soft cheeses: yellow, Bulgarian, mozzarella, and smoked mozzarella. Flavored cream cheeses: chives, olives, and spring onion. Selection of home delicacies: yogurt, chocolate pudding, and strawberry pudding. Bread Selection of bread and rolls. Selection of toasted bread. Hot Dishes Hard-boiled egg. Omelet/fried egg/herb omelet. Quiches and Pies Mushroom / onion / leek / sweet potato / broccoli Creamed vegetables: eggplant / tomatoes / zucchini / sweet potato / broccoli Jam and Spreads Strawberry, apricot, pumpkin, eggplant, and orange jam. Butter, individual spreadable cheese, chocolate, caramel, and halva. Fruit of the Season

Rosemarin Restaurant

  • Rosemarin Hotel Restaurant
    Rosemarin Hotel Restaurant

    Rosemarin Restaurant – Breakfast Menu Sumptuous Country Market-Style Salad Buffet – selection of sliced fresh vegetables and salad dressings; various fresh salads: humous, fava beans, olives and pickles; cherry tomatoes with basil; tuna and vegetable salad; Arab salad; Tamar tomatoes with mozzarella balls; and Mexican corn salad.

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